Dina bonnevie and vic sotto dating

11 Aug

Since breaking up with their wives, they’ve both been playing the field.

His lanky frame and prominently elongated chin don’t scream "leading man material." He can be funny though.

She then appeared in a longer slew of teenage love or growing-pains dramas. (1981) was a film whose theme song she sang and popularized.

In 1985 she ventured into dramatic roles, starting with 'Mike de Leon' 's Hindi nahahati ang langit (1985).

She said, "It was a very good love team that brought in lots of money for the show and made a lot of people happy." Hollmann quit being an , a movie about older men falling in love with younger women.

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In person, however, Vic is reserved, a man of few words.

lists 10 women who fell for his inexplicable charm. Prior to that, she had lived in New York for 16 years and had studied at the New York School of Interior Design.

In the article, she readily admitted that she had a "short-lived romance" with Sotto.

Talking to other people can be tough for him, because of his shyness.” While Vic is not comfortable expressing his feelings in public, Pauleen said her husband is a completely different person among loved ones. He loves to hug and kiss his children, especially his grandkids,” said Pauleen, who tied the knot with Vic at the St.

James the Great Parish in Muntinlupa City in January.