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13 Aug

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The police found the house locked when they reached there.

"Rs 4.5 lakh was later sent to the accused here (in Delhi) through transactions," the officer said.

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All of the chat rooms - where people can chat with admins, moderators and other users at the same time - are having special chatting environment with different chat icons and chat smileys.The police claim to have unearthed a racket that duped telephone company MTNL of Rs 9 lakh by making innumerable calls to three international 'premium numbers' over a period of a week before this Independence Day.Having arrested four persons, the police say these premium numbers for sex chats were given to the Delhi-based men by someone from abroad, with an instruction to make as many calls to these three numbers as possible.The police are yet to identify the suspect abroad, though senior officers say there's little the Delhi Police can do to apprehend that person since sex chats are legal in most western nations.In premium numbers, service providers share the revenue with subscribers, and call rates are higher.