Homegrown hookup sex

15 Feb

Photo: Li Hao/GT If it were a decade ago, Geng could never imagine having gotten this far.

Once they were out of earshot, Mum turned to me and whispered, ‘Wow, he’s rather gorgeous. ’When I told her they had met a month ago on the dating website Match.com, the look of confusion and pity that spread across her face said all I needed to know about her opinions on the digital matchmaking scene.Now, his smart phone app Blued, a spinoff of his website, created a stir after it pulled in a million cash injection from venture capitalists DCM.The gay hookup app, China's version of Grindr, is the first such app in China.Blued, a gay hookup smartphone app, recently received a million cash injection, the largest-ever investment in a gay-focused app in China.Similar gay matchmaking apps have also attracted investment.