Malia obama dating

12 Sep

Halle said she fangirled a little bit, joking that she wanted to ask Malia, “Can we call your dad or your mom? Everybody couldn’t really see her as a PA, although she tried and tried to be one.” “She was fantastic, she was amazing,” Halle shared on . We just couldn’t really see her as one, but to her credit, she tried very hard to be one.” Watch below! The interviewer gave the only appropriate response to the answer: “WAIT! ” Swae still had the wherewithal to explain himself when the cameraman asked for a date pitch: He’d take Malia to a 5-star restaurant, go to the beach (“might go on some jet skis”), and then take her home. This isn’t the first time Swae spoke about his crush on Malia; what’s notable here is how Swae just randomly namedrops the former Commander-in-Chief’s daughter.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Malia Obama Before that, Malia interned with Lena Dunham’s HBO series , starring Halle Berry.Halle recently opened up about what Malia was like as a PA, admitting that it was difficult for a lot people to see her as just as regular PA!

"And hopefully I've been a good example in terms of how I've shown respect to my wife.Swae made a plea to us a few months ago for the then-First Daughter to holla at him, and it's clear he's been thinking about it ever since. Swae broke down every detail of their first date, and he's already on cloud nine. Malia Obama has been spotted out in New York City for the second night in a row.The former first daughter made her way to B Bar & Grill in Manhattan with a friend on Thursday evening.