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03 Aug

But sex slavery in the US is a very real threat for many women in the US.

According to FBI estimates, over 100,000 children and young women are sold into the American sex trade every year.

” Translation: “That’s one good looking upper body garment, be it a vest top, a t-shirt or an actual bona fide shirt – with cuffs and a collar.” Definitely doesn’t mean: “I’m sexually attracted to your blouse.” 8.

When an annoyed American says, “I could care less.” Translation: “I couldn’t care less.” Definitely doesn’t mean: “I could care less.” 9.

But in 2004, this expanded to anyone convicted of a felony, and in 2009, to anyone simply arrested for a felony.

This effect appeared in both of the language samples tested – native male English and Czech speakers – and even after controlling for the unscripted content of the men’s speech.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which filed their suit (.pdf) on behalf of two registered sex offenders, say that although the measure is vaguely worded, in practice it likely means that registered sex offenders would have to provide user and screen names that they use for participation in online political discussion groups, forums about medical conditions, and even the comment sections of online newspapers and blogs."Requiring people to give up their right to speak freely and anonymously about civic matters is unconstitutional, and restrictions like this damage robust discussion and debate on important and controversial topics," says Hanni Fakhoury, an EFF attorney.

“When the government starts gathering online profiles for one class of people, we all need to worry about the precedent it sets."The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco federal court, is demanding that a judge immediately block the measure's internet-reporting provisions. Michael Risher, an ACLU attorney, said Californians should be concerned that even though the bill only affects registered sex offenders now, the law creates a slippery slope for the same requirements to be applied to others.

He points, for example, to a California DNA-collection law that has expanded dramatically beyond the people it first targeted.

Initially, the law required only those convicted of sex offenses and serious felonies to provide authorities with a DNA sample to be included in a state and federal database.