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13 Dec

A TEACHER used a school computer to pose as an ex-pupil to gain access to teenage chat rooms where he exchanged sexual messages.

Ciaran Bird was banned from teaching after a panel from the Department for Education found him guilty of bringing the profession into disrepute.

Weiner’s pervy personal life was thrust back into the spotlight in 2013, during his run for mayor.

He admitted at the time that he had committed a months-long digital dalliance with a 22-year-old Indiana woman.

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But alas, his infatuation is no more."I wouldn't w*** over her now – she looks f*****," he quipped. Another star to recount his schoolday blunders was James Corden, who had the world's strangest anecdote about Walnut Whips."There was a girl in our school, if you took her a Walnut Whip she let you feel her boobs, 100% true," he said.

She must have had a seriously sweet tooth."There was a queue of about four of us once, just you and a Walnut Whip and you'd go round the side of her house and just," he added, before gesturing groping. He later delved into the awkward world of puberty."Pubes were huge, whose got pubes, who hasn't got pubes, whose getting pubes, he's got pubes, why haven't I got pubes," he admitted."I remember a real joke 'I heard James Corden found a pube last night and then he p****d out of it'". Very British Problems airs on Mondays on Channel Four at 10pm.

He referred to difficulties at the time including the closing down of a football club he was involved in and strained family relationships.

He also said he had given up working in theatres, leaving him without a creative outlet.