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22 Aug

He'd come over to party but I just wasn't feeling him so I sent him packing. I'm pretty good myself because of my training at the hands of narcissistic motherfuckers like you. It was the first time I actually realized that I was afraid of you. You told me that I wasn't going anywhere until you fucked me as much as you wanted to. I kept trying to escape though, actually enjoying the struggle to free myself.

I got drunk with my wild best friend & her boyfriend, instead. I believed you, which pretty well ensured that you wouldn't have to.

First time callers — male, female and transgender — get a free trial.

Their inclusion in the below list is based on how innovative the apps are in terms of platform and services, as well as user base and popularity.

Though no match to Whats App or Facebook messenger, which have over 700 million and 600 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide, We Chat - with 500 million MAUs as of the end of last year - is without any doubt the top mobile chatting app in mainland China.

The System is the only chatline that caters to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender singles.

The System also encourages those who are curious about their sexuality to call in.