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12 Apr

Despite being banned in its region of origin, kratom is still used by many rural Southeast Asians: the leaf is an essential component of social life much as coffee is in the West, and many farmers and laborers take kratom breaks between rounds of back-breaking work. As it turns out, kratom has some useful medicinal properties, some of which overlap with the effects that make it a popular recreational herb.Kratom is the rural laborer’s herb of choice because it can increase physical energy and mental focus in low doses, enabling workers to perform repetitive labor more easily.This feels exactly like an opiate, there's no question.

Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I've heard it builds pretty quickly if you use it daily so I want to try and keep it once or twice per week if I can. I've decided to try plugging as the taste makes me gag.

I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those characters by telling their story. My tolerance is pretty much 0, I've used the last 2 days since i recieved my order and thats the first Kratom I've tried. I think this herb's a bit of a strange one, having read around it seems some people find it crap and some people love it, some people only need 7 grams and some people need upwards of 25g.

I had 25g this morning, no nausea but i just had shakes and dizzyness and no euphoria at all, and now i have a fucking hangover. I'm not sure if it's a keeper for me, though I have some red vein Sumatran on the way so will have a few more tries on it.

Everyone saying that this drug has little addiction potential is just trying to fool yourself Your basically taking a few Vicodin in plant form If you have.

Addictive personality that can be very easy to say oh it's a plant I'm cool If your taking it to get through the day well ya Now with that said time to take some kratom cuz I'm depressed and want to feel something I got these 2 mang da extract caps It's like 30mg oxy to me I experience such varying effects in the past from Kratom.