Together dating contract cancellation texas

14 Jan

__(Enclosed you will find _my/our_ check in the amount of $amount/Please refer to the terms of the said contract and contact _me/us_ if you have any questions/etc. __(I/We)__ trust that you will find all to be in order.

The housing contract is legally binding for the entire academic year.

If you become legally married or have a child and you would like to cancel your contract for housing to due this change, please submit the required documents below.

Please note: Your housing contract is a legally binding agreement, requiring you to follow certain steps to cancel.

If you have a position that prohibits you from being able to live on campus, Students who are married or have children are allowed to cancel their housing contract in order to better accommodate their living situation.That is not all, since a claim may also be made under the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act (“DTPA”) which can result in treble damages plus attorney’s fees.Add up the numbers and one can easily see that the potential downside is significant.Cancellations may be granted in certain circumstances such as withdrawal from the university, graduation or student teaching.Incoming students who choose not to attend Texas State after having submitted a contract should also complete this form.