Dragon age online profile not updating dating ws com

20 Jan

I went to check my phone and when I go into the game it says I have 8/8 for 50G but when I go back to the games page it shows my profile with the gamerscore that I had when I last played my windows phone, which is like 800 G less.

When I go to press refresh, it just says, "Can't refresh, there's a problem with the xbox service or your connection. Just came here to see if anyone else was having this problem.

If the screen doesn’t change after that amount of time has passed, hold the power button on the front of the console for 10 seconds until the console powers down. Blank tiles in My games & apps: The first time you power on your console after taking the update, it will check for metadata for installed games and apps.

During this time, the tiles may appear blank within My games & apps.

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Finally beat level 5 and got YOLO, a hard enough achievement as it is while grinding for coins to do so. The "can't refresh" problem started for me on Wednesday, but oddly enough the achievements I unlocked still synced to my profile.

I find myself having to deal with job hunting still. Part of me wonders if I’m overcharging for my commissions if no one wants to commission me. Now I will be on a month-long hiatus to recharge for the 2nd chapter. Thank you all my readers, supporters, and Patreon supports.

Also a few days ago, I received my first fanart in the email^^ You can find it on the official tumblr here https://bluefirecomic.tumblr.com/post/164069182441/i-guess-this-is-a-meme-thing-nev ertheless-im Sorry I'm late with the update.

Solution: Users can resolve this issue by rebooting the console.

I got my last achievement in Sudoku (WP) and I saw it wasn't showing up on TA after I scanned.