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25 Sep

Many times we have had customers contact us explaining that either an employee or family member has set a Bios password and then forgot what it was, making access to the computer impossible.

A few times we have seen vindictive employees set Bios passwords as their way of getting even with their employer.

Now it seems they have found an attack that can extract VPN passwords from certain Cisco products.

Here’s why the United Arab Emirates outlawed VPNs Microsoft Accidentally Leaks Backdoor In Secure Boot One or more hackers going by the name of “Shadow Brokers” (SB) claims to have hacked a group believed to be linked to the NSA called the Equation Group (EG).

Is this secure enough, under the following scenarios?Reversing this can be time consuming as well as very frustrating depending upon the motherboard manufacturer and the make and model of the motherboard.Relax though, as it is possible to reset or disable the password.Earlier this week, a group calling themselves the Shadow Brokers hacked a group linked to the NSA called the Equation Group.Researchers have been poring over the released data, discovering multiple exploits and vulnerabilities.