Schmidt online dating video

19 Jan

I think it kind of just dawned on everybody once we saw that outfit, that it was like, "Oh, he's that guy. I wish I didn't care, but I'm just not one of these guys who, like, you know, woke up with a six-pack. I have to eat very particularly and I have to work out like a madman. It is one of the dumbest things I've ever done, in such a great way. The only thing I can tell you is it has to do with the show. Every once in a while I'll try my best to get in — without it being too ridiculous — a third person. They're just like, "Oh my God, Max is being an idiot again." Justin Long has been guest-starring.

He's a ridiculous idiot." But I think it's way better that way. Potentially we will be releasing Schmidt's online dating video from a few years ago. Like, in the episode that just aired, where Jake Johnson's character and my character are getting into a fight.

But if the sitcom was sold on the adorkable charms of its lead, Zooey Deschannel, it's won over viewers — and Vulture — because of the strength and hilarity of its supporting cast. I thought about maybe tanning it up before the show, but I think it's very funny that I'm that white. But more immediately, Extra had come on the set that day and done an interview with me and filmed the process of the makeup being put on, so they were given the rights to kind of "break" "Fat Schmidt." Do you like Rihanna? The problem was I had to know all the words, 'cause it was gonna look weird if I didn't. Here's what's nice about life: Sometimes you have ideas and for the most part, they're not good ones. You'll be having a real conversation and then someone's like, "I can't even talk to you right now." And you're like, "I need to talk to you. It's mostly written, but sometimes we'll get on set, and the writers will be there with us and we'll get a bunch of different options. " And they always have some sort of, like, averse reaction to that.

Of the three dudes who play Deschanel's roommates, none is quite as absurdly captivating as Schmidt, the douchey bro with a heart of gold played by Max Greenfield. The original conception of the character was maybe a little cooler than he's turned out to be. And also I really wanted to stay away from any sort of Jersey Shore reference or ridiculousness. My wife had downloaded that song that morning or the night before, and I looked up the lyrics and realized there's only about eight lines to the song. And then you'll follow through with a handful of them and sometimes you'll be pretty disappointed. We need to talk about this scene that we're about to do! Like, when I went on for eight years about Indian culture. Nothing annoys writers more than like, the actors pitching ideas. But then I'll pop in sporadically throughout the next, like, ten to fifteen minutes just like, I don't know, to just let 'em know I'm there.

How dare somebody watch anything and go, "That's not real!

I was just like, "I wanna shoot something." And I knew I wanted to do a music video. They make a mold of your face so that when you put it on it fits right on. It's funny for the first fifteen minutes and then the joke's over and then two hours in, you realize it's hard to have a conversation with people.

Vulture spoke to Greenfield, who before and then you have played some douchebags, like Schmidt. At first read, he was a little bit more like Vince Vaughn–y cool — able to get a girl, a little bit more laid-back, or just not as big. So you did the video of Fat Schmidt dancing around to Rihanna. I just printed it out and put it next to me as I was singing it. And then other times you'll follow through and you'll go, "You know what? It was literally me with [show creator] Liz Meriwether and Rachel Axler, who wrote the episode, just coming up with different options. Like, "Okay, it means we're doing something really funny." Are you close with the writers? I think we have a really, really good, collaborative experience on the show. What I like to do, I like to just pop my head in the writers' room and I'll be like, "Hey, guys! It just makes me laugh to see them all get all uncomfortable like I really give a shit what they're writing.

But then we did the pilot and we were doing wardrobe fittings; we put on an outfit that I was supposed to wear to the cowboy party, and it was so ridiculous and I looked so unbelievably weird in it. It depends on how naked I am in next week's episode how much I'm gonna go to the gym this week. It's nice to be right." With this video, it's nice to be right. I think there were three or four in the script, and then we ended up running about 75 of them. They're so good and I'm so happy every week that I just like to pretend to be the other kind of actor who like walks in and is like, "Hey, guys, so I have some ideas." I love winding people up.

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