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09 Nov

Of course by removing the hinges you’ll be removing all the doors, so finding a place that you can lay out a big fabric or plastic drop cloth (which are about from Home Depot or Lowe’s) is a good idea.Once you have your drop cloth in place, lay out all your cabinet doors and drawers so you can paint them all together in one convenient spot (and have full access to the frames of the cabinets in the kitchen). Then if you’re replacing your hardware with something that won’t fit the existing holes in your doors and drawers, you’ll want to pick up some wood filler (it’s around a tube, which is all ya need) and fill those existing hardware holes in all of the doors and drawers.and the memorabilia from four years residing in San Diego.It’s so good to have her home even if it’s only for a year before she continues on with her education.Scroll through these real-life renos to see how homeowners tackled their problematic cabinets and landed their dream kitchens.

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There are just a few tried and true rules when attempting this project, so if you follow the simple steps outlined below it’ll be pretty hard to screw things up.

But Ashley's vision and hard work came together beautifully in an updated and lovely space: Let’s start with a little introduction…I’m Ashley – furniture painter, blogger, small business owner, decorator, wife, dog lover and wine drinker.

When I’m not busy running around with a paint brush in my hand, you’ll find me running around…literally. So, I guess two years ago when I declared that my Accounting desk job wasn’t really doing it for me anymore, it should have come to no surprise.

I know many people want the “turn-key” ready house, but to me, that's boring.

Covered in creamy white, they just say cottage perfectly Paired with hardwood floors and beadboard and beams on the ceiling it's love when I walk into a room and see them. So it's safe to say that I didn't love them when I saw them... They were beautifully detailed with patterned grooves and they are thick- thick- thick pine-and original to the house.