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03 Dec

By the time they hit the shelves, a thousand websites carry the same stories, delivering them to millions of smartphones across the world.In the modern era of a need for immediacy from news consumers, social networks, personal blogs, and independent websites are becoming the first place people check for their information.

"I had that Liverpool accent, and kids hate to stand out, so almost immediately I developed a thick Cockney accent.

Parents hoisted their children on to their shoulders to get a better view.

Even before I started NSNO way back in 2004, Everton fans had stopped buying the Liverpool Echo, and in 2015 there is a growing number who don’t even visit their web pages anymore. Because the Liverpool Echo is no longer a relevant source of news for Evertonians, and hasn’t been for some time. NSNO followed not long after and with the wide-spread use of broadband, internet use started to grow, as did the forums of the established sites (and the huge amount of new sites springing up.) “I won’t even buy the Echo” was a common comment from Everton fans even back then.

Trinity Mirror Merseyside, the Echo's parent company, is one of the North West’s largest multimedia providers reaching more than 900,000 adults every month.

The Liverpool Echo, Trinity Mirror Merseyside’s flagship brand, is the area’s best-read newspaper including national newspapers.