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17 Feb

This is definitely NOT safe for work (NSFW), but this interview with Bambi Woods (of Debbie Does Dallas fame) was fascinating (here is part two).

The actress who played her in the movie disappeared for more than 20 years, living in comfortable obscurity in Australia.

He had four daughters; one from his first wife, age 24; two from his second wife, ages 21 and 19, and one with Amy, 13 months old.

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Her husband, Bill, was 30 years her senior (Amy is 26, Bill 58). Bill was a very kind-hearted man who had basically been used by two other women who he had been married to previously.

They had only been interested in Bill for his money, and both had been caught cheating on him.

She never reveals her identity, but makes this offer: My family would KILL me if I gave any pictures out.

What I WOULD do is an audio interview (my husband suggested this) in person if the company involved agreed to donate a sizable amount to charity.