Horny secretary chatbot

09 May

i caught my dog pissing so i decided to gather his piss with shot glasses and then injected it on my body..

the first injecting wasn't good coz the dog piss won't flow on my chest so i made some flushing and then injected it again on my right chest..

p.s- after i made this video, my right boob were very swollen and i had a hard time breathing and feels like my airway were blocked..

and its still swollen after 8 hours or now that the video has been uploaded.. But don't do this too often, you're going to do an allergic reaction on non-human fluids. Drink the dog's piss or spray it in your vagina, but don't inject it anymore. Fantastic fetishism Reply what the fuck is wrong with you, injecting dog piss in your nipples , and it was too painful?

Quotations"Give me chastity and continence, but not just now" [St.

Alexa — Amazon's freestanding virtual assistant — doesn't wear or own any clothes, she can't (physically) feel horny, and she doesn't weigh a single pound.

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Its active components have been solubilized in propylene glycol, making them easy to incorporate into formulations.

All are female, and all elicit an image of an assistant who is not just a woman, but a woman people can boss around, flirt with, and act inappropriately towards.

Compound that with portrayals in the media — like this 2015 magazine cover showing female robots sitting at typewriters — and it all starts to feel like a big step backwards rather than one towards the future.“If we want the computers to behave differently, we have to actually pay attention to how we build them so we don't just create mirrors of what society does,” says Rada Milhacea, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan, who signed an open letter against that stereotype-enforcing magazine cover.

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