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02 Nov

Taking pictures of your food or the restaurant and posting them to Instagram might make your date think you’re a pretentious hipster at heart! Be too honest (it’s creepy) Sometimes it may feel like there’s an instant connection, as though the stars are aligned and you’re destined to live happily ever after!

We Sell Ourselves Short You’ve heard the phrases – “We get the love we think we deserve” and “You are what you attract.” If we don’t believe that we deserve an attractive man of good character, we’re susceptible to attractive men of poor character.

A young woman once told me that she was ditching her “nice guy” boyfriend for her drug-addicted, unemployed ex, with whom she’d been on and off for four years.

She didn’t want a good guy, and she made very sure she didn’t wind up with one.

If you really must have spaghetti bolognaise, then you should socially engineer this scenario: 8.

Instagram or tweet pictures of food / the restaurant / your date This is a modern phenomenon that’s swept the world faster than you can say ‘smart phone’.