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26 May

Now, you can meet the love of your life without ever leaving your bed, thanks to the countless amount of apps that are there to help.

Whatever your preference, sexuality, or lifestyle choices are, dating apps are there to connect you to all the single people in your local area. The amount of people you are able to talk to has just increased by a couple hundred.

It was a scene much like this that inspired Vancouver entrepreneur and artificial intelligence engineer Justin Long’s newest creation.

Bernie is a personal digital assistant whose current task involves swiping left and right — so you don’t have to.

I’ve just been on yet another date with a nice guy I had no interest in, and the endless process is wearing me down. From there he calls me a grandma, tells me he’s into grandmas, and then offers me 00 to be part of a gangbang.

I open it and see: “have u ever thought to be part orgy? ” Normally I ignore these interactions (frankly, I ignore everyone I’m not interested in), but for some reason tonight I’m frustrated and angry.

Having black marks on your credit report could really bump up your auto insurance costs.

The part of an auto insurance policy that pays to get your car repaired after a collision with another vehicle or an object, such as a fire hydrant or utility pole.

There's no need to find the right time to talk to someone.

It is collision insurance that will get your insurance company to seek out another driver’s insurance company to pay for repairs if they were at fault. This part of an auto insurance policy covers damages to your car caused by something other than a crash: a vandal breaks in, a tree falls on it or floodwaters engulf it. The front page of an auto insurance policy listing the name of your insurance company, your policy number, your coverage, the cost of the coverage and your deductibles.

This page also lists the vehicles insured on the policy as well as vehicle identification numbers (VIN).

Like a credit score, this score is based on information found in a consumer’s credit file.

Insurance companies consider auto insurance scores when pricing policies.