Dating handbook

16 Oct

Torn between what she should do and what she wants to do, Cassandra must decide between a man who looks good on paper versus the man who is stealing her heart.

Below, check out the cast info, according to Hallmark Channel’s website.

, which is directed by James Head, is about a woman who desperately seeks the advice of a relationship expert so that she can stop dating the wrong guys.

It is written by Jennifer Barrow and Rich Tabach, according to centers around the beautiful Cassandra, a single woman who has a hard time finding the right mate.

There’s nothing that will make your dates feel worse than telling them about all the other dates you’ve been on recently.

Laurel knows nothing about football and Danny hasn't ever had a female assistant.Actress Meghan Markle [Markle has appeared] in [, Kristoffer Polaha scored quite the part as his first major role — the Reno, Nevada-born actor portrayed John F. (no stretch, given the physical resemblance) in the warmly received 2003 telemovie .In today’s times, there are many dating handbooks that show a single person how to date online, how to date after divorce, and how to date after the death of a spouse.You don’t need to tell the person that you plan on marrying them, but let them know that you’re serious and committed.Instead of hanging out on your couch, go out on dates.