Dating hedgerows

04 Jun

Hedgerows are a key feature of our landscape, especially as we have lost a great deal of unimproved habitat due to farming needs.They play a vital role as wildlife corridors for many species, including Bats. One method (Hoopers Rule) is a count of woody species in a 30 metre length of hedgerow.All the rural hedgerows within the Doncaster Borough, which total 1,413 miles, are recorded and classified on a Geographical Information System (GIS).Lottery funding has enabled the Council to undertake historic research and provide a chronology of how the existing hedgerow landscape was formed.There are, in addition, many hedgerows that pre-date Parliamentary Enclosure (1720-1840).

A hedge is a personal rule that minimizes a woman’s exposure to an unwanted sexual risk.Hedges have been used as field boundaries in England since the times of the Romans.Excavations at Farmoor (Oxon) reveals Roman hedges made of thorn.The Anglo-Saxons also used hedgerows extensively, and many that were used as estate boundaries still exist.Although these early hedges were used as field enclosures or to mark the boundaries of one person's property, there was no systematic planting of hedges in England until the first enclosure movement of the 13th century.