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12 Oct

Because this love is so huge, there may even be a chance of the both of them successfully challenging societal norms, including norms inherent within the system of racism.

However, what if an interracial relationship potentially reflects the values inherent in the system of racism?

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Though this quote discusses white prejudice (which is a by-product of racism, not actually racism itself) — within the interracial dating paradigm, prejudice—not racism—within interracial relationships can also be fostered and cultivated by minorities., as told to Alex Haley; Malcolm X discusses how he and his friend Shorty involved themselves in interracial relationships not because they were blindly in love with these women, but because it was an opportunity for them to exercise and manipulate power over the historically dominant and ruling [White American] class.

In instances where this is the case, interracial dating--not to mention marriage--cannot necessarily be viewed as a catalyst for change; rather, it can be viewed as a reflection of the oppressive nature of racism—a system that often forces us to look at beauty within a race-dominated paradigm that creates an even bigger disparity not only within minority communities, but in majority based communities as well.

This sentiment is echoed in the Q and A section of the Scarleteen website (

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