Dating paiste cymbals

12 Sep

United States and Canada's 2 year warranty policy was officially activated on January 1st, 2011. Mishandling the cymbal, such as dropping it during set up, is not covered under our warranty.

Your cymbal cracked due to a nick or ding in the edge, not due to a material defect.

Continuing to play the cymbal after it cracks, and causing large portions to break off, prevents us from determining the cause of the crack and thereby voids your warranty. Using abrasive cymbal cleaners or applying improper cleaning procedures can cause the cymbal’s protective coating to be removed.

Oxidation on a cymbal is the first indicator that the coating has been removed; therefore, the warranty replacement will not be granted.

Please call us at one of the numbers listed below and we will issue you a Return Authorization Number (RA Number).

Indicate the location of the defect (tape, marker).

Warranty Statement Every PAISTE cymbal is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for two (2) year from the original date of purchase. If PAISTE’s specialists determine through inspection that the instrument does not show indications of abuse or neglect and the defect is a result of a manufacturing or material discrepancy, PAISTE’s Limited Warranty Policy will apply and we will of course replace the instrument.

For warranty claims outside the United States, contact your local PAISTE distributor (can be found on our website) or contact the PAISTE headquarters in Switzerland for more information. Dents are obvious signs of overplaying and/or improper sticks selection.

Constantinople was re-named Istanbul by the Government of Turkey in 1930.

The center hole is distorted, (key-hole effect), or has spider cracks, which indicates the sleeve on the stand is worn or not used.

If the cymbal is overplayed the bell hole can become distorted as well.

Well those of your who have 602s from the pre serial and black label period could let me know which of the three stamps each cymbal has and the serial number if it has one. But it does very much apply to 602 Dark Rides and Transitional Dark Rides (the ones with the top part of the 602 stamp but missing the words "Formula 602" at the bottom).

If anybody reports Mixed or Outline stamps and you don't have a serial number we might have a chat about any other identifying features you might have on it. Like this: Hey Steve, obviously I hadn't noticed this either.