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27 Jul

Would you like to sort the data in a different way? The Out-Grid View cmdlet is automatically installed when you install Power Shell 2.0; however, the cmdlet won’t do anything unless you also have . If you’re running Windows Vista then you already running Windows Vista then you can go to this page for more information. NET Framework you have installed on your computer, well, don’t worry about it: we’ve already written a script that can help you figure that out. To do that, let’s take a peek at a very simple – albeit useful – command that uses Out-Grid View.

I have a bound field in my Gridview which is getting its value from a database table.

you chose let's say ID and click "delete" button for delting an item from db table.

Here is that code: also, when you press your "INSERT" or "ADD" into table button, you need to load your table again (go again through this select * from .... And, you need to do that every time you make a change to your table!!!

When I delete a row, it is updated in the database but it is not removed from the Grid View.

Only when I restart the application does it get removed from the Grid View. if you are showing your table in dgv and for deleting something from that table you have a button on your win form.

Original Dim category Table As New Data Table adapter.

NET application by specifying command syntax at design time and, where possible, through the use of stored procedures. For example, the following code ensures that the deleted rows of the table are processed first, then the updated rows, and then the inserted rows.

You must explicitly set the commands before calling event and setting the Status to Skip Current Row. NVar Char, 15, "Category Name") Dim parameter As Sql Parameter = _ adapter.

Net Drop Down List with the Countries form the Northwind database, once the Drop Down List is populated, the Country to which the Customer belongs is set as the Selected in the Drop Down List.

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