Online dating nude photos

25 Apr

But in a terrible breach of doctor-patient confidentially, one woman in California filed a plastic surgery lawsuit after her nude before-and-after photos were posted online. With cosmetic procedures, it’s pretty routine to take before-and-after photos (which, duh, involve the patient's naked body if they're having a procedure anywhere below the neck) for the doctor's portfolio — as long as the patient consents.

When Mandi Stillwell, enlisted the skills of Quita Lopez, a cosmetic surgeon at the Aesthetic Laser Center in Fresno, California, for a tummy tuck, breast lift, and implants in 2013, she gave the office written consent to photograph her naked torso for before-and-after shots, reports .

When he saw that I wasn’t quick to do this, he told me I could email him and we could make plans via email if I wasn’t comfortable giving him my phone number yet.

That day we bantered back and forth minimally, I asked him the time and location for our meeting spot.

These photos are so that any guy I’m talking to knows exactly what I look like.

Most guys only have one or two photos, but somehow my Time Waster Guy asked me for photos again on the phone during that fateful conversation we had last week and I explained to him that if he really wanted to know what I looked like, he could plan a date to see me in person (…and we all know how that ended). I know that by “more” pics, Time Waster Guy was asking for “sexy” pics.

And you also know that a profile with a bad dating profile photo doesn't get a second look.Sending naked selfies might be a thing right now, but it’s not necessarily something most of us are comfortable with.And besides, just because he asks doesn’t mean you need to oblige.He suggested we meet that day, but there was a snow storm, so I said no (why did he want to meet in a snow storm anyway?) He gave me his phone number and told me that it would be easier for us to chat via text rather than on the OK Cupid site.