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13 Aug

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Nobody talks on the phone anymore, but people are talking at their phones.This isn’t so much an issue on i Phones, but Androids and other phones can have pinhole-style microphones that can get gummed up or partially covered by awkward cases.Intermediate: Stop Slowing Down, But Think Before Speaking You need not talk like a robot to be understood by one, says Vlad Sejnoha, chief technical officer at Nuance, maker of the Dragon speech-to-text software for Windows, Macs, i Phones and i Pads.If you have a camera tripod, use it to place the mic at ear height; perfectionists should move the couch entirely out of the way.Dubbed a 'robot goddess', Jia Jia has the long flowing locks and rosy red cheeks as a human, but it's being taught deep learning abilities.