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In 2006, he starred in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu which was one of the top rating dramas and has seen his popularity soaring Asia-wide.Stephen Chow expressed interest to feature Wu Zun in his upcoming drama based on the popular movie kung-fu hustle called Kung-fu Descendant.A game was invented where the crew members would throw a large soft toy spider 10 meters away into a box with a hole cut out.If the spider fell in, they won a prize, anything from an XBOX GAME to a 50-inch TV.Profession: Singer, Actor Date of birth: November 20, 1985 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 177cm Weight: 62kg Blood Type: O Family: Parents, younger sister Star Sign: Scorpio Zodiac: Ox Band: Fahrenheit Temperature: 41 F, Cold (Winter); Represents: Mi (Heart-Throb) Education: Cultural University Department of Journalism Language Interests: basketball, singing, dancing Favorite Actor: Andy Lau Favorite Actress: Ariel Lin Favorite Male Singer: Harlem Yu and JJ Lin Favorite Female Singer: Lin Fan and Fish Leong Favorite Genre of Music: Soul, rock, pop, R&B, hard rock, and, jazz Favorite Things: Thoughtful things Favorite Colors: Green, blue, yellow, and, black What he looks for in a girl: Personality is more important Interesting Facts: – the youngest one in the group – he injured his leg before – he was discovered from Yahoo – was in the Competition: 2004 Xin Guang San Yue 2nd Session Sunny Boy Selection Taipei Area (Preliminary Contest) – plays the piano and flute – never worked part-time – best known for his mesmerizing eyes and his killer “cry” pose – the most emotional one in the group – given the name Wu Genglin because his father’s surname is Wu and his mother’s surname is Lin, so his name became Wu Gen (and in Chinese) Lin Height: 180cm Weight: 68kg Family: Mother Star sign: Virgo Zodiac: Rooster Blood Type: O Shoe Size: 7.5 Band: Fahrenheit , Dong Cheng Wei Temperature: 95 F, Hot (Summer); Represents: Ku (Cool) Education: Fu Hsin Trade & Arts – Advertising Design Interests: fitness, bands, drawing Pet Phrase: You’re not joking, are you?! The most embarrassing event: the time where he wore his top inside out The most memorable event: college’s graduate ceremony What he looks for in a girl: traditional, conservative, a girl who can stand his childish behavior– first one in the group to enter the entertainment industry – plays the guitar – he draws VERY well (the comic figurines on the Singapore coupon is drawn personally by HIM! Fahrenheit or Fei Lun Hai is a Taiwanese band composed of four members: Aaron Yan Ya Lun, Jiro Wang Dong Cheng, Calvin Chen Yi Ru, and Wu Chun. With their looks, talent in singing, and great acting in dramas, they became very popular in Asia in a flash.

in Brunei named Fitness Zone Birthdate: 1979/80-Oct-10 Birthplace: Brunei Height: 181cm Weight: 73kg Star sign: Libra Blood type: O Measurements: 40/31/38 Shoe Size: 10 Family members: Dad (Wu Jing Tian ), older sister, older brother, (his mum died of cancer about 6 yrs ago) Personality: Shy, forgetful career minded Playing Basketball, Fitness, Reading books, Listening to music, Watching movies, Eating, Cooking and Travelling. /depends on the mood Favourite movie: Braveheart Favourte cartoon character: Superman Favourite flowers: lilies Biggest Fear: Losing the person closest to him Music group: Fahrenheit (飛輪海) Instrument: Voice and Drums Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd.

Yet the Taiwanese media has already confirmed that Wu Chun will indeed switch out K-drama export Hye-sun for K-pop refugee Han Geng as both Wu Chun and Hangeng will act alongside Barbie Hsu as the leads for next year's Da Wu Sheng.

Despite filming being put on hold for Absolute, GTV's existing properties have either completed filming or are further along in production: Wu Chun's other idol drama Sunshine Angel with Rainie Yang has already completed filming and is awaiting a release date, Mike He and Cyndi Wang's bakery-theme drama Mei Le, Go is deep in its production schedule, and Hayate the Combat Butler featuring George Hu and Hye-sun's K-drama rival Park Shin-hye has a tenative debut date of April 2011.

可米製作 Wu Chun, real name Goh Kiat Chun, was born in Brunei of Chinese descent.

He was discovered when he travelled to Taiwan and was asked to become a main character (despite his then-lack of Mandarin fluency) in the Taiwanese drama Tokyo Juliet, with which he shot to fame.