Literary speed dating victoria

02 Jul

Looking around, feeling lost for about the 10,000th time since moving to this monstrous city, I began to question myself.

We will be flying the rainbow flag in a Literary Speed Dating event later in the year. Do tell your eligible single man friends, and next time, get in quick!I have four months to finish my new book and to plan my assault. I will be posting about my experience, of course, and whether the event was worth the (plus the membership with Writers Victoria).Me thinks I will be pitching not only the story, but myself too – the doggedly persistent author of not one, but three books. If you live in Australia, you may want to put a reminder in your calendar for next January or get onto the waiting list.Jess Mc Guire is a writer, broadcaster, MC, film reviewer, trivia host and DJ based in Melbourne. No, it’s not authors dating authors, although maybe that’s not a bad idea either. When I missed out last year, I went ahead and put a recurring reminder into my calendar to check the website for the next year’s announcement.