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11 Jun

The numerous alignments apparent in this area suggest that the Hurlers may have been part of an important processional route.The area has been extensively disturbed by mining and only the central circle has a large proportion of its stones in-situ, but this is because they were reset after the site was excavated by Raleigh-Radford in 1935-6.Instead my two-day plan is one that looks good on paper…but the reality is that time flies when you’re traveling (getting lost, waiting in line, sidetracked by shopping/coffee break, etc).Also, some of these destinations can easily take up a half-day or more (for example, Lantau Island or Pacific Place mall if you’re a shopper).heck out any Hong Kong guidebook or website and you’ll probably find a long list of tourist attractions and experiences. It’s true that there’s a lot to do and see in the area.But the good news is that, geographically, the HK area is compact (for example, most of the action on HK island is concentrated on the northern end).Dating to the early Bronze Age, the Hurlers lie in a remarkable ceremonial landscape of stone circles, stone rows, standing stones, cists and cairns.

What happens when she feels pulled between the two men she loves most, her husband and her father?What’s more, this captivating and compelling destination can be discovered on a cruise.Take a day trip to Marrakesh from the popular Moroccan beach resort of Agadir as part of the Thomson Cruises Colourful Coasts itinerary, which also calls in at the Canary Islands of Gran Canaria, La Palma, Madeira and Lanzarote.Madeleine La Blange, Annie Anderson, and Audrey Navarro shared formative years as roommates at Chicago’s Catholic haven for women, the historic Abbott College.If only they could have predicted the collisions between their carefully crafted life plans and the realities they discover beyond campus…