Dating with depression

06 Nov

It is easy to feel drained or down around a depressed person. It is important to remember that you are your own person, even if you are dating someone. Give yourself time to remember the brightness of life. Keep yourself bright and pure, and, hopefully, some of your light may rub off on your depressed partner, rather than the other way around.

Depression isn't just feeling down in the dumps or blue; it's an entire distortion of one's perspective of reality. For someone dating a person suffering from depression, it can be hard. They need your warmth to take them out of this awful mindset that's ruining their quality of life. On one hand, the depressed person gets a chance to unload all the garbage weighing them down. But, at the end of the day, you are not their psychiatrist.

You have to really be with the right person to be able to be there for them without letting resentment creep in.

Simply caring for someone won’t get you through the hard times. If my partner was having a bad day because of his illness, I would take it personally.

These people are sharing their open and honest experiences with dating while depressed.

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