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30 Sep

Tonight’s show, the last of three in the UK on a short European tour, is packed with tracks from their sixth album .That fact might annoy fans of other bands, but Swing Lo is perhaps the band’s most accessible work, 12 short songs of dynamic, choral, trippy pop.(The duo collaborated on the record, though their friendship soured near its completion.) More frequently, the compositions give off a sense of untethered exploration.From the Motown-meets-’70s-soft-rock vibe of “No Coffee” to the string intro grafted onto its dancehall title track, City Of No Reply is an album of stylistic hybrids.Every harmony and brip-brap chord feels precision-planned.And, with Longstreth famous for insisting on 12-hour rehearsals you’d expect them to be. ” an overexcited fan yelled during a Dirty Projectors show in London in 2007, to cheers of agreement.

As a story it’s a bit less than convincing; hearing in full a 5-year-old conceptual piece limns Longstreth’s nonrock roots that make him a rare commodity in the modern rock world.

Longstreth, whose recording career dates back only eight years, has described “The Getty Address” as an adolescent attempt to make sense of the universe.

Aztec mythology and the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pa., are used to examine the raping of the environment; his lead character, based on Cortes and James Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus, is named Don Henley.

“Orca’s” maturity — and this was decidedly exposed in the encore or more recent songs and Bob Dylan’s “I Dreamed I Saw St.

Augustine” — is revealed in Longstreth’s ability to now layer elements, employ fugues and temper, even sweeten, his vocals.