Before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation

26 Apr

Since Ken Gentry is a preterist, that is, someone who believes that Jesus Christ returned in A. The question now arises, when did John write the Apocalypse? the church in Ephesus founded by Paul, and lived in by John until the time of Trajan (AD 98-117), is a true witness of the tradition of the apostles.”[1] It is important to note that Domitian’s reign occurred during the years of A. Hendricksen’s statement that the book of Revelation was written around A.

In the year 69 (or even earlier), or must we reverse the figure and make it 96 (or perhaps 95)? Says, Irenaeus: “For that (the apocalyptic vision) was seen not a very long time since, but almost in our own day, toward the end of Domitian’s reign.” Again he says: “.

He is a contributor to four eschatological debate books: C.

Marvin Pate, ed., Four Views of the Book of Revelation (Zondervan); Darrell L. Gentry, is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.

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Gentry not only presents and defends his side with hard exegetical evidence, but also takes the time to present other views and then explains, using this same method, why they are not true. as well as demonstrating that the majority of Revelation, all of the Olivet Discourse and the 70 weeks passage in Daniel was fulfilled in the destruction of the Temple by the Romans. Gentry shows that, as should always be the case, that prophecy is easier to understand after it has been fulfilled than before.

If this is true, then the expectation is that the “ Great Tribulation” described in the book was far off in the futuremaybe in our own time.

But a candid look at the evidence requires a date shortly prior to 70 when Jerusalem and the temple were utterly destroyed, as Jesus prophesied would happen in the “ Little Apocalypse,” Matthew chapter twenty-four. Revelation 1-11 alludes frequently to the fall of Jerusalem.

One cannot find a single really cogent argument in support of the earlier date.

The arguments produced are based on late and unreliable testimonies, on the wholly imaginary idea that John did not yet know his Greek when he wrote the Apocalypse, and on a very questionable literal interpretation of certain passages .