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05 Aug

Position: Oracle Exa Data SMELocation: Greenbelt, MDClearance: US Citizen capable of obtaining a Public Trust Clearance Role Description: The Oracle Exadata SME will work closely with development support, tech support, operations, etc. Responsibilities include Oracle product configurations, installations, integrations, and help in architecture designs.

The successful candidate will also work with development team on daily basis responding to adhoc requests, deploying changes and optimizing processes using various tools, utilities, scripts, etc.

Even when they were informed, they could not make a coherent argument that these workloads should be moved off the platform.

Typically, these guests are very limited in number and complexity.

Enterprises require a trusted IT infrastructure that is dynamic, scalable and flexible to support both mission-critical work and the development and deployment of new workloads.

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In part 1 of this article, we looked at some of the hardware and operating system considerations for running Linux workloads on a System z server, together with an overview of the value proposition.

The IBM z13, designed for larger enterprises, offers massive scalability for secure data serving and high-volume transaction processing.

It is ideally suited for consolidating large-scale distributed environments and the introduction of new in-memory workloads.

Supporting Internal Mainframe Systems In the first column we see Linux workloads that exist to offload billable MIPs from z/OS.

In all cases, there was little resistance from the enterprise IT group because they typically were not even aware that these workloads existed.