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22 Jul

Ali Salim used heroin to kill a pregnant woman forced into prostitution.Rashaune Ramsey used drugs to lure a woman into sexual abuse.

The library was within its rights to consider the effect of adding coverage to the health insurance premiums of employees "when looking at adding coverage that would have benefited only one." Andrea Kaufman, human resources director at the library, said in a news release about the settlement."We are glad Anthem ultimately added this coverage to our base plan and glad to have reached a happy resolution with our employee Ms. The settlement comes as transgender rights are at the forefront of LGBT rights.Osweiler looked like, well, Osweiler, and Cody Kessler made you wonder how he made it to the NFL.Joe Schobert was nails at middle linebacker, and the two youngest Browns (Myles Garrett and Jabril Peppers) look like the best athletes on the field."Now the next person won't have to do that, too."Since filing the lawsuit in September, Dovel had the surgery even though Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield denied her coverage.While she's happy with the result, the insurance change came too late for Dovel.