Updating the kernel

02 Mar

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And after reading the entire question: It should be possible to leave the old kernel installed, and then grub should be configured to offer you a choice. Your answer helped me get the 4.x kernel and grub was automatically configured.

Annoyingly however, X Window fails to start with latest kernel :) I'll have to look through the logs... There are more recent kernels in the backports archive.

Ready Kernel updates are released for Virtuozzo kernels younger than 18 months.

If automatic updating was not disabled during the installation, Ready Kernel will check for new patches daily at server time.

If a patch is available, Ready Kernel will download, install, and load it for the current kernel.

In case you update your workstation, it is also wise to download a Workstation Live image and make sure your hardware (graphics card, wifi, etc) works well with the latest kernel and drivers.

in these commands; that just indicates that you type this at a terminal prompt as a non-root user.) After updating, we recommend you reboot your computer, especially if you've just installed a new kernel.