Who is dating tom welling

21 May

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His large physical presence may be a reason why he has appeared as a football player in several of his television and movie roles.

In 1999, at the height of their success, The WB developed writer Tim Mc Canlies (The Iron Giant) and Tollin-Robbins Productions’ script for a series involving a young Bruce Wayne before he’s Batman.

Unlike the later Gotham series, which focuses on the adults and the villains, Bruce Wayne centered around a 17-year-old Bruce with shareholders who are out to kill him — literally.

Gay Celebrity Gossip will take a look at the life of Tom Welling and explore why gay rumors may float around about the star.

Along the way, we will share some cute pictures of the hunky actor, including a super video that is sure to make you think big things.

Writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar developed the series that would eventually be called Smallville with a pilot script that humanized the Clark Kent character and brought him in line with the kind of programming that the young WB audience craved.Iron Man was more than a half-decade away, and Superman himself hadn’t been seen in movie theaters since 1987. Superman film or a notion that there would someday be a handful of comic book related TV series on at the same time seemed like a dream that would never come true.Interestingly enough, Smallville premiered from the ashes of a prequel project involving another DC Comics icon.Moving onto his personal life, he was married to model Jamie White-Welling on July 5, 2002, on Martha's Vineyard.After being bound in a marital relationship for more than a decade, Welling started to have a sour relationship with his wife.