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rate of return real-time real-time trade reporting realize realized realized profit rebate rebound recapture receive against payment receive versus payment recognized loss recommendation redeem redemption redemption mechanism reduced spread regional exchange registered competitive market maker registered equity market maker registered exchange Registered Investment Adviser registered options trader registered principal registered secondary offering registered trader regret theory regular-way trade Regulation G Regulation T Regulation U regulatory risk reinvestment reinvestment rate reinvestment risk relative strength remargining reopening replacement risk repo reporting level reprice repurchase agreement requote restricted account restricted list retail investor retracement retracement levels retreat return return if unchanged Reuter dealing Reuters revaluation rate reversal reversal arbitrage reverse cash-and-carry-arbitrage reverse hedge reverse repo reverse repurchase agreement reversing trade RIA rigged market ring Rio hedge Rio trade risk risk adjusted return risk and return risk rate risk-averse investor risk-free asset risk-reward ratio riskless asset riskless principal riskless rate of return riskless transaction rogue trader Roll's critique rotation round lot round trip commission round trip trade round trip transaction costs routing royalty unit Rule 10b-6 Rule 13d Rule 144 rule 144a rule 2790 Rules of Fair Practice rumortrage runoff Russell 1000 index Russell 2000 Russell 3000 Russian Trading System (RTS) S&P 100 S&P 500 S&P phenomenon safety-net return Saitori sales charge sales fee Same Day Funds Settlement samurai market Santa Claus rally Santiago stock exchange (SSE) Sao Paolo stock exchange (SAO) scale in scale order SCC Schedule 13d Schedule C scienter seagull option seat SEC SEC fee secondary listing secondary market secondary market trend secondary mortgage market Section 31 fee sector sector rotation secular market securities Securities Act of 1933 Securities Acts Amendments of 1975 Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Securities and Exchange Commission Securities and Exchange Commission rules securities attorneys securities exchange Securities Exchange Act of 1934 securities fraud Securities Industry Association securities market security security analysis SEDOL seek a market selective disclosure self-directed portfolio sell sell limit order sell off sell on close sell on opening sell order sell order imbalance sell out sell plus sell short sell signal sell stock sell the book sell to close seller's market selling away selling climax selling flat selling hedge selling into strength selling shareholders selling short selling short against the box selloff SENAF sensitivity sentiment Series 3 Series 7 license session session price set-up hedge settlement settlement agent settlement date settlement period settlement price settlement statement Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) share share price Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SHZ) shock absorber short short and distort short cover short covering short exempt short interest short interest ratio short interest theory short position short purchase short sale short sale rule short sell short squeeze short swing profits short swing rules short tender short the basis short-seller short-short test shortfall risk shorting shorting against the box SIA side pocket side-by-side trading sidecar investment sideways sideways market signaling approach signature guarantee significant order simulated trading Singapore Exchange (SGX) skip-day settlement skirt length theory skittish market skyrocket Sld Last Sale slippage slow market slow stochastic sluggish economy small investor Small Order Execution System small trader smart money snowballing soaring markets soccer mom indicator socially responsible investment (SRI) SOES soft call provision soft stop order sold-out market sophisticated investor South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) South Sea Bubble special bid special 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stock position stock replacement strategy stock screening stock selection strategy stock simulator stock symbol stock ticker stockbroker stockjobber stop and reverse stop hunting stop order stop out stop price stop-limit order stop-loss stop-running stopped order stopped out stopped stock story stock straight-through processing Straits Times Industrial Index street book street broker street name street sweep streetable strike index strike price strong sell structured investment product (SIP) structured investment vehicle Stuttgart stock exchange (STU) Stutzer index style investing subject market subscribe subscription warrant subsequent offering successor position sun outage sunshine trade Super Designated Order Turnaround System supermontage supervisory analyst surveillance department suspended trading swap dealer sweep-to-fill order swing option swing trader swing trading Swiss Exchange (SWX) symbol symmetrical triangle synthetic call synthetic short stock systematic risk systematic risk principle systematic trading T 3 tail risk Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSEC) Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC) take take a bath take a position take a swing take delivery take profit order take profits take the offer tape tape is late taping rule target investment mix target price targeted registered offerings tax arbitrage tax loss harvesting tax selling tax swap tax-loss selling technical analyst technical correction technical indicator technician Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) temporary investment term repo terminal market terminal value The Street thin market thinly traded third market threshold list tick tick index tick indicator tick test tick volume tick-test rules ticker ticker symbol ticker tape tier tight market tilted portfolio timberland investment time and sales time horizon time in force time order time stop timing the market tip tip from a dip Tokyo Commodity Exchange Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE) Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo Stock Price Index top top holdings top out Toraku Index Toronto Stock Exchange tortoise rally total dollar return total return total return index total return swap total volume tout tracking trade trade bloc trade bust trade date trade or fade rule trade price response trade through rule trader trading trading ahead trading arcade trading book trading costs trading curb trading day trading dividends trading effect trading floor trading halt Trading Hours trading platform trading post trading profit trading range trading session trading strategy trading unit trading volume trailing stop loss transaction transaction costs transfer transparency transparent market Treasury real yield curve Treasury real yield curve rates Treasury yield curve trend analysis trend reversal trend trading trending market triangular arbitrage trigger trigger line triple top triple witching day triple witching hour trough TSX Group TSX Venture Exchange turkey turnaround twisting two-sided market two-way market two-way 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convertible security Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE) core plus corner Corporate And Criminal Fraud Accountability Act corporate filing corporate repurchase Corporate Securities Limited Representative corporate stock correlation swap cost of equity capital countercyclical stock countertrend strategy country diversification country risk premium (CRP) country selection coverage coverage initiated covered security cram-down deal Cramer bounce Crash of 1929 Crash of 1987 creation unit credible signal crossed market crossover investor cult stock cum rights cum warrant cumulative abnormal return (CAR) cumulative dividend cumulative preferred cumulative volume index (CVI) cumulative voting current yield Cushion Theory CUSIP CUSIP number custody only trading customer's loan consent cyclical stock daily chart daily list daily lock-in Dalal Street dark trading date of record David Hasselhoff index DAX DAX 100 day cycle dead money deal stock death play debenture stock debt signaling debt to equity debt-equity swap debt/equity ratio declared dividend dedicated capital defeased securities defensive stock deferred call deferred gain deferred premium option deferred share defined asset fund delayed annuity delayed opening delayed perpetuity delayed quote delist deliverable instrument delivery option delivery vs. After buying a pre-owned 2008 Honda Accord, he rolled the cost of a ,000 extended warranty into his car loan.“I wanted to ensure the car would not have any major mechanical costs during the finance period,” he says.In this case, your car.” Do your research before buying a third-party auto service plan and be sure to read the fine print.Dean Davis of Chandler, Arizona, says he was duped. Desde las frías costas magallánicas, los galeones zarparon a principios del siglo XIX rumbo al Viejo Mundo, con una carga bastante codiciada: decenas de aborígenes para exhibir en parques, ferias y museos. A veces les prometían aventuras, y otras, simplemente, se los llevaban sin prometer demasiado.

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Producto del sarampión o de la viruela, muchos murieron en el camino.

Usage Note: The standard rule requires that that should be used only to introduce a restrictive (or defining) relative clause, which identifies the entity being talked about; in this use it should never be preceded by a comma.

Víctimas del Imaginario Su idea fue potenciar el fenómeno del zoológico, una mina de oro a fines del siglo XVIII.

Patentando su invento como “Zoológicos Humanos”, el empresario alemán Carl Hagenbeck aprovechó sus contactos con el mundo científico y sededicó a reclutar aborígenes. Capturado en 1879, el grupo patagón fue el primero en llegar a Europa.