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14 Jun

I picked up the last two in a bundle off of Amazon for cheap but had to pay real money for Dragon Valley because it can't be purchased with Sim Points, and I found Lunar Lakes in a Make Me An Offer package for around 15% off.Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a rare, life-threatening mucocutaneous reaction that is often drug-induced.:) Love, Britta and Marie Since it’s only a week until we announce the fantabulous design team, I thought I would pop in today and introduce (or re-introduce, in most cases) someone that is very important to us here at YCU. Yes, that’s right, Simon Says Stamp has very generously offered to sponsor our monthly challenges with a gift certificate to their store. I wouldn’t back up someone so full-heartedly unless I stood behind them, and every experience I’ve had with Simon Says is delightful (and so are the people that work there).I wanted to share a few things that are on my wishlist at Simon Says.We filtered out 327 numbers, 725 common words, and 150 words shorter than three characters in length, leaving an impact word count of 2107.The size of the lexicon (number of unique words) is only 338.Want your members to Hug, Kiss, be Romantic, but never to Woo Hoo when in a Club Gathering? source So now I'm wondering, is woohoo only on the banned list, or is woohoo a specific activity you can assign for your club?Because if woohoo is available as an explicit club activity, this EP might have some limited utility after all.............. I think I maybe just will buy some of these worlds via Origin itself.

As for the worlds, I've so far got Lunar Lakes, Dragon Valley, Monte Vista and Hidden Springs.On the other side of the coin, you can also choose up to five things that your Club members arent supposed to do.When you mix these with the Club Activities, you get some absolutely crazy options.Hey, as I haven't really been following content creation for TS4 (really, why bother), does anyone know if adult animations are floating around yet? Viktor, must-have content from the store is going to depend on what you like to look at and your play style.Perhaps we could make a list of activities that include "woohoo" in wherever..sex parties. I like rural areas so obviously things that are farm/garden related like the tractor, chicken coop and milk cow are some of my must-haves.