The computer must be restarted before updating

16 Jul

I have been trying to pin Firefox to an older version (17.0.11 ESR) on both a Windows XP and Windows 7 host. I need to have Firefox stopped from updating itself.I know that updates are recommended to prevent security issues, but in this case I have a dedicated environment where a virtual machine is running.Evaluating conditions to determine whether to run setup update. [0A30][2015-07-10T]e000: MUX: WARNING: For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the Prohibit Dtd property on Xml Reader Settings to false and pass the settings into Xml Reader. Throw Without Line Info(String res, String arg) at System. msdn forum post here for more info: this happens, you need to restart the computer before any other programs, such as Exchange 2016, can be installed.

telling me:"The computer needs to be restarted before setup can continue. I have been trying and trying and trying to re install Mc Afee Total Protection on one of my pcs, I have ran the Pre install, the uninstall, the MCRP and over and over restarted to get the same message "Computer must be restarted to finish this installation".I emailed and had to prove I purchased and how many.If any of these conditions are not met ; the installer will abort the installation with an error level of 2.If this ; value is specified then Install Directory Path will be ignored.