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19 Dec

Out of the estimated 97 fishponds once on the coast of Oahu, Huilua is one of only six that still exists.The Huilua Fishpond had a 500-foot rock seawall attached to the shoreline that encircled 7 acres of Kahana Bay near the mouth of Kahana Stream.

About Guys I Want To Meet: loves to play pool/billiards, love cooking, movies, travel, laughing, smiling, caring, fun, reading, dining out, movie dates, dancing when they have a chance to do it, work out. About Guys I Want To Meet: Anyone with a Big Hard Cock! I try to be upfront and honest about things and expect the same of others. About Guys I Want To Meet: Communication and mutual interest are important to me so I wanna know about you just as much as you wanna know about me, So many guys here just talk to you with no intention of keeping in touch later on. About Guys I Want To Meet: Just be you bcuz life is too short to try and become all the things you have to be to please everyone.

it be nice to have someone to love and smile with and makes you comfortable to be around, and makes you laugh. Not looking for a special type of person, just someonattentiond think I could be different e... Friends are great in life bcuz you might as well have someone to share that story with and remember the time or omg we did that moments are meant to be shared with friends LOL The biggest thing I ...

I am tire About Me: My name is Joe Winko & I live in Wisconsin right now, however, I hate it and want to leave FOREVER, and NEVER want to come back. About Me: Easy -going, cool, fun loving and willingness to please. buzz me through email if I spark your interest [email protected]$.post(" About Me: hmm well i'm a dancer in training goal oriented, if i am not in the studio then i'mm around training in dance.

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