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19 Nov

Click here for more information on visiting our brewery and tasting room. We weren’t big on formality so there is no set menu, but it will feed your need.So aside from tours of the brewery, do you do any events? From summer concerts with 1,500 of our closest friends to intimate beer releases in our tasting room, we host a slew of events throughout the year.HALIFAX -- An amateur scuba diver has recovered a bottle from the bottom of Halifax harbour that could contain beer that is more than a century old.And there's a possibility, though slim, the ancient brew could be drinkable.So I resorted to doing what any obsessed fan would do: import bottles.When I’m in Houston, as I am this week, I drink you, Yellow Rose, as often as possible.

"Ninety-nine per cent of beer gets stale, but it doesn't become poisonous," Reynolds says. If it is straight up beer from back then, everything we know says that it should be drinkable." But in all likelihood, it would taste awful.The first thing I do when I go to pick up a six pack or a bomber is check for the beers freshness.Just within the last few years, most of the known named craft breweries have put some indication of when the beer was bottled or when the beer is best enjoyed by.I will not be naming names in this blog post, but the breweries who get my attention and beer money are the ones who have clearly written, accessible freshness information.Whether it be printed on the bottle label or screened onto the glass itself, I need to know how old the living ale in the bottle is.