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27 Jul

A London Dating Coach provides assistance according to the particular personality and circumstances of an individual.Don't ever let your excuses be the reason why you are not meeting women. 🎧 "She's got her headphones in" πŸ‘‰ "excuse me, I was almost not going to come over because I noticed you had your headphones in but I thought I'd come over anyway..." πŸ“± "She's on the phone" πŸ‘‰ "excuse me 2 mins, I was almost not going to come over because I saw you were on the phone but I thought f*** it I'm going to do it anyway..." πŸŒ‚ "It's raining, There will be no women out today" πŸ‘‰ The knight in shining armour: take an umbrella out with you and go and approach those who do not.

) and plenty of pictures of quirky things I see around me, anything from cute pets to awesome landscapes.

He is based in London, UK and specialized in dating for the elite.

Get a better return on you time by paying attention to your environment and the people you surround yourself by, when meeting women. Website: Impactful Connection Workshop: Email: [email protected]: @johnny_cassell Facebook: https:// Youtube: https:// Johnny Cassell Instagram: @londondatingcoach If you enjoyed the episode then please subscribe, rate and review the show in one of the following podcast directories: i Tunes Stitcher Tune In Radio If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this episode, you can leave them below or email me directly at [email protected]

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