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11 Jan

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I apologized profusely for not knocking, and it was obvious that Paul was as embarrassed as I was.

Then, the seduction begun and finally, she kissed her son’s lips.

asks anonymous city dwellers to record a week in their sex lives — with comic, tragic, often sexy, and always revealing results. Alex is not a big texter, so I don’t hear from him too much when he’s away from work. p.m.: I wake up to check my phone: “Good night my darling. Work was long and draining but nothing a hotel club sandwich can’t fix.” DAY FOUR a.m.: This is why I kind of hate being in a relationship, the anxiety of it all. to text me — although my best male friend says I’m being crazy. I, on the other hand, always check in no matter how busy I am. But he’s asleep, and I’m going to have some mom-juice and get to work on a new project. I’ve hired a nanny to help with my son even though I’m not really the nanny type — too frugal, too obsessed with hanging out with my son. The only person this relationship has to make sense for is me.

A Harlem mom jailed in the savage beating death of her 6-year-old son claims Rikers Island correction officers set her up for a violent sexual assault by a terrifying fellow inmate.

Geraldine Perkins, in a Friday notice of claim filed ahead of a planned lawsuit, alleged “correction officers who were assigned to watch over (her) did nothing to stop the abuse.” And some officers, she charges, actually “took material steps to facilitate” the April 16 sexual attack by an “especially violent” inmate named Alexandria James.