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14 May

Our experienced local skippers are available for hire with the yacht if you don't have a qualified crew member.

Hiring your own sailing yacht provides you with a unique way to see Croatia, similar to hiring a car you decide your own itinerary, then stick to that as closely as you like.

The lateen is used today in a slightly different form on small recreational boats like the Sailfish and Sunfish, but is still used as a working rig by coastal fishermen in the Mediterranean.

First, the reference in the biography of St Caesarus of Arlesto prove the use of the lateen by the Europeans in the sixth century has been brought into doubt by H. Brindley.25 The original passage cited from Caesarus is, according to Brindley, no more than an allusion: ‘tres naves, quas Latenas vocant, majores, plenas tritico direxerunt’.

It was released as a single in 1973, backed with "Only with You", and peaked at number 79 on the American singles charts.

When the Beach Boys submitted the original version of Holland to Warner Brothers in October 1972, the album was rejected by the company for lacking a potential hit single.

I just went over to see how he was, and he wasn't good.

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I was told that the experience exceeded their expectations.I would highly recommend booking an experience with them! Augustine's premier marina and we're a certified American Sailing Association Training Facility.Should we have another client travelling to this location for a sailing experience, I will definitely be using them again! in Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor 3076 Harbor Drive St. Our well-maintained fleet of sailboats from 19 to 41 feet is here at the docks by our harbor-front office.) or latin-rig is a triangular sail set on a long yard mounted at an angle on the mast, and running in a fore-and-aft direction.Dating back to Roman navigation, the lateen became the favourite sail of the Age of Discovery, mainly because it allows a boat to tack "against the wind." It is common in the Mediterranean, the upper Nile River, and the northwestern parts of the Indian Ocean, where it is the standard rig for feluccas and dhows.