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30 Mar

Anxious folks are able to read people pretty well, or at least think they can.

And a lot of times you’ll want more sex in the relationship because you can feel really connected when you're intimate with someone.

Of course, just because there may be more unwed men and women out there, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to catch them. We’ve wrangled relationship experts to tell us what singles are doing right and wrong in each of the three phases of single life—looking, dating, and committing—and have wracked our brains for strategic pickup spots, dates that are sure to score points, and ways to seal the deal.

“At the beginning of a relationship, I’m more of a traditionalist and like grabbing coffee, a drink, or a bite to eat.You have an avoidant attachment style if you tend to want more space in a relationship.You probably want to be in a relationship as much as anyone else but you’ll need more room to stretch out and take things slow so that you don’t get too overwhelmed and feel cramped. I pour myself a glass of three-day-old white wine and wait for my wing woman to call. Over the course of our near-two-hour phone call she will grill me on everything from my favorite dishes to dating deal-breakers, from the time I was held at gunpoint in Mexico to my affinity for gin martinis. She lives in Temecula, California, somewhere between Los Angeles and the hyper-conservative, bleach-blonde beaches of San Diego.